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A conclusion please, Pál Dárdai

Pál Dárdai spoke to us at the end of the training camp on Thursday (13/07/17) about his new additions, his plans for the squad and the upcoming challenges this season.

Berlin - The first training camp is over! On Thursday (13/07/17) Hertha's week of conditioning training in Bad Saarow came to an end. All of the players took part in training led by fitness coach Henrik Kuchno. "Almost everyone did everything and that's great, compliments to the boys," said Pál Dárdai who is happy with how pre-season has started. The head coach gives us his round-up of the past week and also talks about his new signings, his plans for the squad and the challenges which Hertha will face next season. 

Pál Dárdai on ...

… the training camp: 

For me as a player the training camp wasn't pleasant. I don't think it is for anybody. What's good is when the players can say to one another: "We worked hard." The sweat can bring the team closer together. The team has been positive and we have a good atmosphere in the dressing room. The internationals who went away and won a title will have to work just as hard when they return and display a positive mentality. 

… the new additions:

The three new signings have made a very good impression. Mathew Leckie is incredibly fast and carries a goal threat. Karim Rekik is very intelligent. I still don't know why he didn't play more at his former club. And Jonathan Klinsmann has a lot of potential. We need to get to know him better.

… the young players who were here with you:

I'm happy with the young players. Of course it was very intensive for them, but that's how it is when you become part of the first team. First things first what's important is that none of the really young players got injured. Sinan Kurt has different problems. I think he spent his whole holiday running around in flip-flops so now he has sore heels (laughs). 

… the new squad:

With the new transfers we're clearly stronger. We've brought players in for the positions where we needed to strengthen. Therefore, I'm very happy with the squad and with the work of Michael Preetz. He knows my wishes, but that remains private. What's important now is that the players stay free from injury. At the end of last season we had a real shortage of players and that's difficult to cope with. 

… Andreas Thom, who was present in Bad Saarow: 

His job was to get to know the boys and to observe. When the season starts the players shouldn't have any reservations about talking to him, but he won't be at the second training camp. 

… the eventual training routine based on being in three competitions:

We haven't implemented anything yet. The whole team, the physiotherapists and the manager are in consultation and we'll release the results of our analysis in a few days time. 

… current injuries:

Jordan should only be out for two weeks, it's not too bad. Hopefully there won't be any further complications. With Niklas Stark we need to wait and see. We're not putting him under any pressure. He needs to fully recover and then regain his fitness. If he's fit, he'll play. Dennis Smarsch has sprained the medial collateral ligament and the cruciate ligament in his left knee. 

… Mitchell WeiserDavie Selke, Niklas Stark and Marvin Plattenhardt, who are all returning to Berlin on Monday: 

I'm not worried about the internationals. First of all they will have their medical checks. We need to wait and see how Marvin's body is as he was injured at the end of last season. He needs to be at peak fitness for next season so we won't take any risks with him.

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