The Blue-Whites' annual check-up

On Tuesday (04/07/17), the Blue-Whites underwent performance tests, as well as a heart examinations.

Berlin – It’s becoming a Hertha BSC tradition that the first day of training in pre-season belongs to the fans. The second day, however, takes place behind closed doors. For the players, it’s not particularly fun, as performance tests and heart examinations are on the agenda. But what exactly are these tests?

They consist of various examinations to find out the current state of health, stamina and performance capability of the players. They can also show which players have been sticking to the training plan they were given over the summer break, and which didn't. However, the Blue-Whites shouldn’t have anything to worry about, as in recent history, the players seem to do their homework. Fitness coaches Henrick Kuchno and Hendrick Vieth are the ones who carry out the tests. “We conduct the tests with the heart and circulatory system and analyse the movement or coordination of the lads,” explained Kuchno.

Increased performance and injury prevention

Endurance or intermittent running on a treadmill, one and two-legged jump tests or analysis of the state of the players’ muscles. Every Blue-White undergos the tests, which last around two hours. “Through the tests, we learn how much oxygen the players can take in. That’s how we determine their threshold for training and can manage how much they do,” said Kuchno. However, the results, which are received a day after, don’t just allow Pal Dardai and his coaching staff to optimise his players’ performance capability, but also help lower the risk of injury. “The results of the examinations don’t just tell us how we should divide up the training groups, as they also have the additional value of helping us prevent injuries,” said Vieth.

These check-ups don’t just take place during pre-season, they’re also done regularly and randomly throughout the season. “We conduct some examinations and tests during the season so that we’re always able to follow the latest developments. The results affect the team’s daily work,” says Kuchno. Players also have these check-ups before they return to train with the squad after injuries. “We know that the results are important for the management of training and they’ve become routine so we don’t mind them,” says Sebastian Langkamp.

Heart examinations

Alongside the performance tests, the centre-back and his teammates have to undergo a further examination in the summer. Team doctor Dr. Klaus Neye conducts the yearly cardiac examinations – a routine check-up required by the DFL. National team players  Vladimir Darida, Ondrej Duda, Peter Pekarik, Vedad Ibisevic, Mathew Leckie, Genki Haraguchi and Rune Jarstein will have their tests on Thursday (06/07/17), while Marvin Plattenhardt, Davie Selke and Mitchell Weiser are booked in for July 17th.

Teams, 27.05.2018