Bild: Herthabsc

"We have a plan"

Pál Dárdai and Arne Friedrich discuss the team’s chances in Wolfsburg.

25.02.2021 Teams
Bild: herthabsc

“A great team spirit”

Our coach Pál Dárdai spoke about the close-knit dressing room, the challenges ahead and Leipzig.

19.02.2021 Teams
Bild: citypress

Back in action

After several months plagued by injury, Santiago Ascacíbar has fought hard to return to the team.

18.02.2021 Teams
Bild: Herthabsc

"We all have the desire"

Niklas Stark attended a press conference on Wednesday, underlining the unity within the team.

17.02.2021 Teams

A new approach!

Pál Dárdai and his team began preparations for the weekend on Tuesday, with a clear message.

16.02.2021 Teams