Form a fan club

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Hello, Hertha fans!

Are you interested in forming an official Hertha Berlin fan club or gaining OFC status for an existing fan club? All you need to do is print out the OFC formation form and the member list found at the bottom of this page, fill them out and send them off!

All the necessary information you need about forming an official fan club and the opportunities it brings to bring fans closer to the club is in the OFC formation form. 

Please note:
Be sure to complete the agreement, registration and member list accurately and in block capitals, draw up a fan-club charter and send everything via post to: Hertha BSC, Fanbetreuung, Hanns-Braun-Straße, Friesenhaus 2, 14053 Berlin, Germany.

Should you have any questions, such as selecting an original name for your fan club, then we're happy to assist you via telephone on +49 (0)30 300 928 55 or via emailing Otherwise, we're looking forward to working together with your new fan club!

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, 11.05.2019