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“It was an equal game!”

After the 1-0 defeat in Munich on Saturday, Ondrej Duda, Davie Selke, Rune Jarstein, Niklas Stark, Fabian Lustenberger and Karim Rekik spoke to after the game.

Although Hertha Berlin played very well and were definitely on equal terms against Bayern on Saturday afternoon, the Blue-Whites left Munich empty handed. There was a mixture of pride and disappointment for the players. “It was a shame we couldn’t score. We played however, really well. Bayern really had to push and fight to win. We can build from this,” said Davie Selke.

Ondrej Duda: We had to be fully focused for the whole game. It was clear that after they scored, it would be even more difficult. I wouldn’t save it was Rune’s mistake, especially after he played really well today. We had chances to take the lead, which if we had used, the game would have been very different and maybe we could have won. However, Davie didn’t get much service and that was difficult. All in all we were unlucky today, as we could have got at least a point today.

Davie Selke: It was a shame we couldn’t score today. Joshua Kimmich saved them from the line. It would’ve of course been great for us to take the lead. We played really well. Bayern didn’t really have many clear cut chances, which shows how well we played at their stadium. We can build from this performance.

Rune Jarstein: We played really well but unfortunately come away with no points. It’s a shame. I am a goalie who comes out a lot. Unfortunately I didn’t quite judge the corner correctly and that was my mistake. I should have stayed put. We had good chances to score and Bayern had to make two goal line clearances. It is not easy to play here but today, we deserved more. Now Mainz come and we have to win.

Niklas Stark: I am very proud of the team. They all gave everything. Nevertheless it is a shame that we lost from a corner. We worked very well against the ball and so it is very frustrating to come away with nothing. Rune saved us many times and so there’s no point blaming him for their goal. Such situations are part of football. Now we have to recover and be prepared for Mainz.

Fabian Lustenberger: Simply put: the game was decided by nothing special. It was a very equal game. It was clear Bayern had more possession but we defended really well. I would say we even had the better chances. However, they took the lead from a corner which was very frustrating to concede from. We have a great team with enormous potential. They are fit and gave so much running today against the opposition. It’s such a shame to lose here as we could have come away with at least a point. We must now prepare for next week for the game against Mainz. The three points is the clear aim.

Karim Rekik: In my opinion, we just ran into each other. After he hit my face with is shoe, I wanted to get up quickly. However, we ran into each other and my arm hit his face. I didn’t hit him at all. I am an honest person. If I had done, I would have admitted it and accepted the red card. For me, it should have been a yellow card. I hope that I will not be suspended.

Teams, 23.02.2019