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“The lads are fantastic”

Marko Grujic talks about his first start for Hertha BSC, German lessons and the quality of the Bundesliga.

After training on Wednesday, Marko Grujic took some time out to signs autographs and to pose for some selfies with fans, before continuing to walk towards the changing rooms. The midfielder then faced the cameras and spoke to

Marko Grujic on...

...his first week in Berlin: So far so good. I am more than happy. From the first day here, everything has been perfect, including our results. We have played two games and got six points and so we want to keep this going. On Saturday we have a difficult game but it is up to us to play as well as we can.

...his quick integration: I have incorporated very well into the team and I get on well with my teammates. Everyone helps me, whether it’s on or off the pitch. The lads are fantastic, especially Vedad Ibisevic because he speaks my language. That makes things easier for me.

...the competition in midfield: As a team, we have played in groups and got to know each other quickly and so it’s no surprise that we are working well. Arne Maier is one of the most talented guys I’ve played with and Ondrej Duda showed against Schalke what he can do. Whoever plays best will start.

...Hertha BSC: I already knew some stuff about the club before I came. After all we did play against each other last year, even though I was injured and did not play. The club has high standards and we want to do as well as we can in the Bundesliga and go as far as possible in the cup. We will see with time what happens. It will be a very exciting season.

...his style of football: I like short passing and trying to create opportunities for my teammates. It is not just about scoring goals but also about helping the team. I know that I still have to work on my defensive side of the game, but I will work hard on it. That's what it’s all about in football; always finding ways to improve!

...his leadership qualities: I want to be modest and not talk about individual qualities. The others can do that. We are a young team and we have to work hard and then the results will come. We want to show in the games what we work on in training.

...their current position in the table: We are third, but we have only played two games. It would be great if we are in the same position in May next year. Six points after two games is the perfect start. We need to keep this going. in the Premier League and the Bundesliga: The leagues are actually quite similar. The tempo and the intensity of both leagues are both top level and that was a reason as to why I decided to join Hertha. There are lots of young players here, we can develop and try to help each other. Moreover, we can learn from each other’s experiences.

...his contact with Liverpool FC: It is a big club, where lots of people work. They have a manager who deals specifically with loaned-out players. We are in contact at least twice a week and he also watches all the games.

...his German: I had my first lesson on Tuesday. I have two to three hours of lessons during the week. I learned German at school but that was a long time ago. However, it does help me, when trying to understand things on the pitch. I hope that in two months I can do this interview in German.

Teams, 13.09.2018