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David Hasselhoff meets Hertha BSC

The American TV star and singer David Hasselhoff greeted Hertha on Saturday evening (25/5/19) after their arrival in Santa Monica/Los Angeles.

Los Angeles – A special welcoming committee were there to meet Hertha BSC upon their arrival in Santa Monica/Los Angeles on Saturday evening (25/5/19). US TV star and singer David Hasselhoff and his wife Hayley Roberts travelled to show their support for Hertha’s #TearDownWallsTour. “If Trump really builds a wall, I will do my best to bring its downfall, just like the Berlin Wall,” the Baywatch star said with regard to the current political events in his homeland.

The 66-year-old recently reaffirmed his political stance in the German talk show ‘Markus Lanz’. He made his worldwide breakthrough in the 90s, when he starred in the US cult series ‘Baywatch’. It was the most successful US television series of the 20th century, running from 1989-2001. It was broadcast to 144 countries and was watched by over a billion people a week during its most successful time.”

Mutual invitations

Hasselhoff will perform his ‘Freedom! The Journey Continues Tour 2019’ concert in Berlin on October 3rd this year – and has invited the Hertha team to it. ‘The Hoff’ was then invited to be a special guest for a Hertha home game in the Olympiastadion.

Teams, 27.05.2019