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Hogwarts, time travel, and baseball

Hertha visited Universal Studios Hollywood and took in an L.A. Dodgers game on Monday (27th May).

Los Angeles – For the past week, Hertha BSC have been traveling through the US on their #TearDownWallsTour. The team has experienced a lot over the past seven days as they made their way from Minnesota to Los Angeles with stops in Madison and Chicago. Two friendlies, visits to schools and museums, and a meeting with David Hasselhoff are just some of the highlights of the trip so far. Monday brought another highlight that none of the players are likely to forget anytime soon. In the morning, the team went to Universal Studios in Hollywood, before heading to the ballpark that night to watch the L.A. Dodgers play the New York Mets. “I was really looking forward to it. That was a great day,” said Per Skjelbred.

The Norwegian was particularly excited to get a look behind the scenes of various famous films, which are split between the Upper and Lower Lot within the theme park and draw nearly ten million visitors each year. “It’s crazy how many details go into planning and preparing each scene in a movie,” said the midfielder, who was able to visit the original sets of classics such as Back to the Future, Spiderman, or Alfred Hitchcock’s famous thriller, Psycho. But, the day didn’t just consist of guided tours. There were thrills aplenty as the team took in the park’s many rides and attractions through the worlds of King Kong, Harry Potter, Transformers, and The Simpsons, as well as a simulated car chase from The Fast and the Furious.

Cheering on the L.A. Dodgers

After enjoying lunch together, which was also attended by characters such as Count Dracula and ‘Doc’ Brown, part of the group headed further into the Chavez Ravine situated north of downtown Los Angeles. There, the Hertha players visited Dodgers Stadium (capacity: 56,000) to attend a Major League Baseball match between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets. “You cannot compare baseball and everything around it to football in Europe. This is a big deal to people here in America. It was very interesting to have experienced this live,” described Fabian Lustenberger. The four-hour spectacle ended in favour of the L.A. Dodgers as they emerged victorious after nine innings (9-5).

Hertha have two days remaining on their trip to the other side of the world. The team will travel back to the German capital on Thursday morning (30th May 2019). The team will certainly have new experiences, new memories and diverse souvenirs to bring back to Berlin.

Teams, 28.05.2019