Klinsmann on Facebook live: “Time to push on even further”

The Hertha BSC head coach spoke to fans via Facebook Live on New Year’s Day about the training camp, aims for the coming Ruckrunde and possible new signings.

Just before the first training session of 2020, Klinsmann took some time on Facebook to talk to the fans. And so the Hertha coach spoke about the training camp in Orlando just a day before the team flies out, as well as preparations for the second half of the season, the first game back against Bayern Munich, and of course, new signings. “There’s a good feeling in and around the camp at the minute, we’ve played well in recent weeks. But of course we’re always on the lookout in the transfer market for something special, said the 55-year-old. “We have more and better opportunities than we’ve had in the past. Plenty of names have already been floated around in the media but we won’t say anything until it’s 100% confirmed. We also want players who are going to help us straight away.

Teams, 01.01.2020