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“Creating solidarity”

On Wednesday, new Hertha BSC head coach Jürgen Klinsmann spoke to journalists along with sporting director Michael Preetz.

The Hertha BSC media room was bursting at the seams to hear the words of new head coach Jürgen Klinsmann at the 2:30 press conference. “Some things in football simply happen overnight, but that can’t be said for my relationship to Hertha,” said the former DFB head coach, who will take over the club from the capital until the end of the season. “My father was a proud Herthaner, my son played here for two years, it’s the only club that I’m actually a member of,” said the 55-year-old. “It just came to it, that I was asked whether I would help out the club in trying to stabilise their season. It’s an honour to take on such an exciting challenge and I’m incredibly motivated to do so!”

Klinsmann’s staff: well-prepared and chomping at the bit

Klinsmann and Preetz also announced several new additions in terms of staff: former Bundesliga head coach Alexander Nouri will act as an assistant coach alongside former Bundesliga player Markus Feldhoff. Andreas Köpke will also join as a goalkeeping coach, while also continuing in the same position with the DFB. Arne Friedrich, yet another former Bundesliga player, will also take up a new position as performance manager in which he will provide a link between the team and senior management. Werner Leuthard, “a swashbuckler with plenty of experience”, will join the fitness team. “I’ve brought in some new staff, all of whom are incredibly well prepared and are chomping at the bit to get started,” said Klinsmann. Harald Gämperle and Zsolt Petry will remain at the club, with their exact roles to be decided in the coming days.

Preetz thanks Ante Covic – Klinsmann’s plea

Michael Preetz began by thanking Klinsmann’s predecessor Ante Covic for his services. “Ante is a true Herthaner. We had all hoped that the season would go in a different direction. However, the performances and results of the past few weeks have put us in the position where we felt we needed to make a change,” explains the sporting director. “Ante should take a few days to himself, and then we will get together and discuss his future at Hertha BSC.” Preetz also outlined his reasons behind his appointment of the new head coach. “We’re delighted to be able to work with such an exceptional, charismatic and established coach as Jürgen. We hope that he can get us back to winning ways. The team needs to start playing better in the next few weeks!” Klinsmann touched on how he plans to do this in a closing statement, “It’s about accepting the difficult situation we’re in, working together as a team and creating a bond with our fans. Hopefully their support can give the team the confidence boost they need.”

Teams, 28.11.2019