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Level up!

Maximilian Mittelstädt and Eduard Löwen joined pre-season at a later date along with Arne Maier, after competing in the U21 EUROS. The trio are using the training camp in Stegersbach to reach the same fitness levels as their teammates.

As every coach and player will tell you, every day matters in pre-season. Alongside fitness training, there is a lot of work to be done on tactics and types of play in order to lay the foundations for the coming season. Therefore, joining up with the team at a later date is not ideal, but Maximilian Mittelstädt and Eduard Löwen know how to compensate for it. Mittelstädt, a youth academy product, and Löwen, a summer arrival, both took part in the U21 EUROS and were named vice-champions alongside Arne Maier. The trio picked up “super experience”, as Mittelstädt told “We were a real team and that’s why we went so far. Of course it’s a shame that it didn’t end with the trophy, but we all have a lot to take away from the tournament.”

Following their well deserved summer break, the players worked to reach the same fitness levels as their teammates who had started earlier. “Of course we had a shorter break, but we didn’t lose much,” said Hertha’s number 17. “I was running everyday during my holiday and stuck to my programme. Therefore, returning to pre-season wasn’t too difficult, even though we we’ve been training at a high intensity. It is a good feeling to be at the same fitness level as the rest of the team at this stage of pre-season.” Löwen agreed. “We were training hard with the national team and I also trained regularly afterwards at home,” said the new signing. “So the return wasn’t too big of an issue. I’ve been really looking forward to getting going here and wanted to be ready.”


"Maxi only had good things to say about Hertha. This is a great club for the next step."

Eduard Löwen

Germany teammates lured Löwen to Berlin
Löwen already knew where he would be continuing his career, even ahead of the time spent with the national team in the summer. His decision was made partly due to discussions with Michael Preetz and Ante Čović, as well as his future blue-and-white teammates in the national team. “The boys were always letting me know that they would like it if I came to Berlin,” laughed Löwen. “They played their part in making me want to come here. Especially Maxi, who answered a lot of my questions and only had good things to say – and so far, everything has been true!” grinned the midfielder. Another factor was footballing reasons. “Hertha are a club who give opportunities to young players to develop. I think the club is perfect for me to make the next step,” said Löwen.


"I have matured both physically and mentally over the past five years and have developed a better understanding in my own game."

Maximilian Mittelstädt

Mittelstädt and the healthy routine
Someone who has already made a number of steps at the club is Maximilian Mittelstädt. The 22-year-old made the jump into professional football from the Hertha BSC Football Academy and is entering his fifth season as a pro. “I feel mature this time, both mentally and physically,” said Mittelstädt, who says his experiences have helped him establish a healthy routine. “In the first ever sessions I was a bit rash, and the first few training camps were very exciting,” laughed Mittelstädt. “I’m still a young player and am enjoying all of these experiences, but I know what is ahead of me. I know the routines and I have developed a better grasp of individual situations in my own game.”

Two friendlies left
The pair are perfect representations of the club’s philosophies – to develop players through the youth academy to play in the Bundesliga or sign talented young players who can take the next step in their career in Berlin. With the duo hoping for positive development after a hard pre-season, Mittelstädt believes Hertha are well equipped as the end of the second training camp approaches. “We’re slowly getting to the right levels of readiness and will be in top shape for the start of the season,” said the full back, who, along with Löwen, made his first appearance of pre-season against Fenerbahçe.
Before returning to Berlin, Čović’s men will face West Ham United on Wednesday (31/07, 18:00 CEST). “That will be a tough game. International players always represent a special calibre,” accepted Mittelstädt, who is hoping for a “good test”. On Saturday (03/08, 16:00 CEST) the ‘Old Lady’ will go up against another English Premier League side when they face Crystal Palace in London. “We want to produce good performances in both games – that’s the aim,” said the Berlin-born defender. “Then we should be well prepared.”

Teams, 30.07.2019