'Sometimes your have to grit your teeth'

Arne Maier speaks from the training camp in Schladming about his crazy year, his preferred style of play and his goals.

The Hertha BSC players are currently spending their days not far from home in Schladming. The exhausting training sessions, the accommodation in Schladming and certainly the media dates with journalists travelling from Berlin are certainly nothing new for them.

After lunch, the Blue-Whites answered some questions about their personal aims, Hertha and the upcoming season. Tuesday saw 19-year-old midfielder Arne Maier’s have a chat with the press.

Arne Maier on…

…taking huge strides forward last year: I can remember being here in Schladming last year, even though a lot has changed since then. I am very happy with how everything has developed. Of course, it went by quickly, but that’s what you want as a young player. However, a lot of patience is required, especially at the beginning, which isn’t always easy. Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth.

…the workload in pre-season: Overall, it is very exhausting. Pre-season is difficult for every player because we train twice a day and you can feel it in your bones. Here in Schladming, we are working really hard on new tactics, drills and friendlies and so in the lunch break, I take a breather from it all. I am rooming with Palkó and we chill in our room, watch TV and it is no secret that we have a Playstation with us.

…a system with three at the back: Ultimately, I don’t have to reshuffle my positioning that much, even if we are different offensively and the runs we have to make change. Everyone concentrated on the getting everything right defensively in the first friendly. Things should be running more smoothly in a week or two’s time.

…a more attacking playing style: We need to let the ball do more of the work and keep it on the ground, just like we do in training. My first thought is always to look behind the defensive line, or at least to see what’s ahead of me – after all, the goal is to put the ball in the net. My strengths generally lie in attack, but I haven’t decided which position I want to end up playing. I will play where the coach wants me to and try to do help the team.


"I’m still a young player and I want to keep learning and improving – there’s a long way for me to go yet."

Arne Maier

…recent success: Winning the championship with the U19s was special, particularly as it capped off a great season for me. The title was important for both the team and the club, so we’re over the moon to have won it. But I’m still a young player and I want to keep learning and improving – there’s a long way for me to go yet.

…goals for the new campaign: My aim is to get more playing time that I did last season and ideally be a regular in the starting XI. I also want to improve in terms of scoring goals and providing assists. It was nice to get so many minutes last year, but it’s time to take it up another gear. We have high expectations for ourselves at the club and we definitely want to improve on last season.

Teams, 09.08.2018