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“That’s no excuse!”

Maximilian Mittelstädt, Arne Maier and Krzysztof Piatek all gave their reactions after the home loss to Mainz.

The aim of the game against Mainz was clear: get three points and put some distance between the team and a relegation battle. But after 94 hard minutes, the Herthaner stood empty handed after they lost 3-1, and the quotes after the game told the story of the feeling amongst the players after this result. “Of course we’re all disappointed. We know how much this game meant to our season and how good it would have done us to get the win,” said Maximilian Mittelstädt in the mixed zone. We collected all the post match reaction.

Maximilian Mittelstädt: Of course we’re all disappointed. We know how much this game meant to our season and how good it would have done us to get the win. It was a difficult game. We ran out of ideas going forward and we couldn’t create chances. In the second half we then switched to a four at the back and things started to go a little better for us after that. We had more possession and we got through more often on the wings. Unfortunately, we just lacked a final ball and lacked a bit of conviction in front of goal. Mainz took advantage on the counter. Despite the result, we have to keep our heads up now, because we have more difficult games on the way against teams below us in the table that we have to beat. Of course we were still feeling the effects of Tuesday a little but that’s not excuse. We’re all incredibly fit football players, but we can’t dwell on these defeats now. Our attentions will turn to the upcoming games, in which we’ll have to straighten things out.

Arne Maier: We wanted to get the three points today but we didn’t play well enough in the first half. 3-1 in the end does flatter them a bit, but they just took their chances. I thought the penalty was offside as well. Mainz didn’t play badly at all, but we could have been so much better today. The most important thing for me was that I was out there and got to try and help the team. We now have to concentrate on the upcoming games and we have to pick up some points. Don’t forget that we played on Tuesday as well and they didn’t which was a big advantage for them. It’s no excuse though, because we didn’t play at our best today. Sometimes you have to take a small step back to take a giant leap forward. We have to be more dangerous going forward and cause teams more problems like we did in Gelsenkirchen. We won’t be looking at the table, we have to take it game by game and put this game behind us as quickly as possible. You saw what happened in Gelsenkirchen with Jordan. Our fans reacted so well and they were great today, and we also decided we would support him with the stripes on our faces today.

Krzysztof Piątek: It’s difficult to say right after the game why exactly you lost it. It was a difficult game in which we were unfortunately just a step too late on too many occasions and we didn’t play with enough pace. I’m convinced that we can play a lot better as a team and I can help the team a lot more as an individual than I did today. We have to put that into action the next few games. The stripes on our face were a show of support for Jordan, which was really important for all of us to do. We’re a team and we have to stick together like a family.

Teams, 08.02.2020