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“We have to make up for the defeat in the reverse fixture”

Marvin Plattenhardt discussed a remarkable statistic, meeting familiar faces and the game against VfB Stuttgart on Saturday (4/5, 15:30 CEST).

Berlin – Patience and hard work are two attributes that coaches love their players to have. Marvin Plattenhardt has shown both of those qualities as he has fought his way back into the starting eleven, despite a difficult second half of the season for him personally. ‘Platte’ hasn’t missed a minute of the last three games and has played his part in the team’s more stabile defence, which hasn’t conceded a goal in the last two goals. Hertha’s number 21 now wants to get back to winning ways in the forthcoming match against Stuttgart on Saturday (4/5, 15:30 CEST). In an interview with, the Swabian-born defender discussed the match with VfB, a remarkable statistic and meeting familiar faces. Platte, the players were all in agreement that things are looking up after taking a point in Frankfurt. Now you’ve had time to reflect on it, how happy were you with the draw?
Plattenhardt: The point did do us some good, especially as we have struggled for points in the past few weeks. We still know that we need to perform against Stuttgart now. We definitely want to take all three points, so that our form continues to improve. Your personal situation is always looking better. After returning to the side in Hoffenheim, you played 90 minutes against both Hannover and Frankfurt. How do you feel right now and what are your aims for the rest of the season?
Plattenhardt: I feel really good and top fit. Hopefully I can play the last few games of the season and it would be nice to win them, so that we can end the season on a high. Let’s talk about the next game: VfB Stuttgart have never taken any points from Hertha in Berlin since you have played here…
Plattenhardt: …(smiles) That’s great to hear! Hopefully it will stay that way. We will do everything we can as a team and have worked hard so far this week in preparation for the game. We would be so happy to give the fans a home win. Obviously the goal is to take the three points against VfB, but what kind of match are you expecting?
Plattenhardt: It will definitely be a hard-fought match. Stuttgart have a lot to play for still, so both teams will desperately want to win it. We have to make up for the defeat in the reverse fixture too. I’m convinced that we will! You could potentially meet one of your good friends on the pitch: Alexander Esswein is currently on loan at Stuttgart. Have you spoken to him before the game?
Plattenhardt: Not yet, but I’m sure we’ll speak at some point this week. We’ll have to see if we face each other on the pitch, he came on as a sub last time out. We all know what he is capable of – which is obviously quite helpful in a one-on-one battle. If he does play, we won’t let him have it easy.


Teams, 01.05.2019