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Hertha's stance on the racist incidents in the Pokal match

Michael Preetz on the racist incidents, which occurred during Tuesday's (04/02/20) DFB-Pokal match against FC Schalke 04.

Michael Preetz, sporting director of Hertha BSC, on the racist incidents, which occurred during the DFB-Pokal match against FC Schalke 04.

 “We accept all defeats on the pitch, even if yesterday evening’s was tough to take. But we totally condemn any form of racism! Racial abuse in our stadiums, as well as in every other situation, must be denounced. While representing this club as our player and member, Jordan Torunarigha was racially abused. The case has affected us deeply, and we stand firmly alongside our player.

I spoke with Jordan before extra time began, and accordingly informed the fourth official and the referee of what was occurring, with the hope that our player would be protected. After the game, I also discussed the matter with the officials in their dressing room. Hertha BSC and Jordan Torunarigha will comment on the matter in writing, in order to support the investigation of the DFB Supervisory Committee.

It is everyone’s – players, clubs, associations and fans’ – duty to any form of racism and discrimination in our society. Such cases should never reoccur. In order to achieve this, we must make greater use of the meaning and power of football. That is our responsibility to society!  We at Hertha BSC will continue to fight racism and to this end would like to thank the board and coaching staff at FC Schalke 04 for their prompt reaction after the game. Only together will we defeat this issue.”

Teams, 05.02.2020