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Torunarigha returns

The centre-back returned to training on Tuesday (17/11/20) after recovering from an ankle injury and contracting Covid-19.

Berlin – Jordan Torunarigha returned to training on Tuesday afternoon, taking part in a 90-minute individual session. “I wasn’t looking forward to the fitness training, but having a ball at my feet again and seeing the lads again was definitely nice, even if I can’t train with them just yet,” the 23-year-old said about his first session with fitness coach Hendrik Vieth. The defender made a good impression during today’s training, no matter if it was during passing drills or his intensive runs. “I feel good, I fought back against the virus,” he said about his health. Torunarigha attributes his good condition to the two weeks of cyber training he went through. “I trained virtually with Hendrik twice a day and the club also provided me with a spin bike. It wasn’t the same as being with the team, but I was able to keep fit at home.”

An injury followed by illness

The Hertha product had to miss out on team training for several weeks this season. He first picked up an ankle injury on matchday 2, where he suffered a partial ligament tear in his ankle. “I was very sad and shocked. Because I’d gotten off to a decent start to the season, but then got injured against Frankfurt. I really wanted to try and play against Bayern München but wasn’t able to,” he said. “Then, I was working on my comeback and had imagined that I’d be able to return to the team during the international break, but that’s when the next setback hit and I got the virus. I was just unlucky,” Torunarigha said. Despite the setbacks, the defender refused to lose hope. “On the one hand, it might have even been a bit of a good thing, as it allowed me to fully recover from my injury. Now, I’m focused on what’s to come!” said a tired, but happy Torunarigha, before he disappeared into the dressing room.

Teams, 17.11.2020