Bild: Citypress

Focused under the floodlights

Preparations for the upcoming match against Borussia Dortmund got underway on Wednesday afternoon (27.11.19), with new head coach Jürgen Klinsmann and his staff at the helm.

Berlin – Following the news of Hertha’s decision to part ways with head coach Ante Covic and the appointment of Jürgen Klinsmann in his place, today’s training session was pushed back until 16:00 CET and moved to the pitch at the Wurfplatz/Amateurstadion. The Blue-Whites kick-started their training week under the floodlights and the watchful eye of around 150 spectators, as well as a new coaching staff. “Our initial impressions are quite positive. The team listens extremely well and has shown that they are willing to work. It’s important that we build up a level of trust with the players, and that the players support each other – along with the support from the fans, we will be able to dig our way out of this hole,” Klinsmann said when asked about his thoughts on the 90-minute session. Also in attendance at the training ground was sporting director Michael Preetz and former Herthaner, Gabor Kiraly.

Strong finishing in the drills

Those in attendance witnessed an intense session, in which Klinsmann’s players looked extremely focussed. After a warm-up led by new athletic coach Werner Leuthard, the 22 outfielders immediately started into drills. Missing were Thomas Kraft (neck injury), Dennis Smarsch (knee problems), Karim Rekik and Eduard Löwen (both ill), and Mathew Leckie (tendon injury in left knee). The players were split into three groups, with the focus being on finding the back of the net. The Hertha goalkeepers, who had previously completed a session with goalkeeping coach Andreas Köpke, were kept busy during this drill. New assistant coaches Alexander Nouri and Markus Feldhoff offered their insights, while Klinsmann observed the going-ons. But, the new head coach made sure to step in and address the players directly as well. The advice appeared to be working, as those in attendance were able to witness several goals, which they rewarded with bouts of applause. After a final team huddle, which also included new performance manager, Arne Friedrich, the training session came to an end.

The Herthaner will train on Thursday (28.11.19) and Friday (29.11.19). Both sessions will take place behind closed doors. The injured players who missed out on today’s session will take part in these final two sessions (with the exception of Leckie). Klinsmann will make his touchline debut in the Olympiastadion on Saturday against sixth-place Dortmund.

Teams, 27.11.2019