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Training put on hold

One of our players unfortunately tested positive for Coronavirus on Tuesday (17/03/20). All players, coaches and backroom staff will now undergo the recommended 14-day isolation period.

Berlin – The team were originally planning to start team training again on Tuesday, having just completed three days of individual training plans at home. However, now that one of the players has tested positive for Coronavirus, all players, coaches and backroom staff have been sent home to quarantine themselves for 14 days. “The player was showing the usual symptoms and we separated him from the rest of the group immediately. A test then confirmed that he was positive for the virus. Every player in the squad must now stay at home for the next two weeks, whilst completing their own individual training regimes. We will now observe whether there will be even more cases, because we are unable to start team training again until we do so,” said the team doctor, Dr. Uli Schleicher.

Michael Preetz also shared his thoughts on the matter, “With such a rapid spread in the number of cases, it was foreseeable that sooner or later the virus would reach our team as well. The most important thing is that everyone now abides by the rules. We have to accept the situation as it is. It remains unclear as to when the team will be able to return to training. Until then, the boys will have to carry out a daily stabilisation program from home, which our fitness coaches have assigned to each of them.”

Teams, 17.03.2020