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“Gutted with this loss”

After the derby, Vedad Ibisevic, Maximilian Mittelstädt, Marius Wolf, Nilkas Stark, Dedryck Boyata and Michael Preeetz all gave their thoughts on the game in Köpenick.

No footballer wants to relive a derby loss, the Hertha players were no different after their loss to Union on Saturday evening. “Of course we’re gutted with this loss. We knew that it would be a difficult game and that it would be an important game for both teams and for the city as a whole,” said Nilkas Stark. “On the pitch it felt like a 0-0, unfortunately we couldn’t get the winner ourselves. We collected all the quotes after the game.

Vedad Ibisevic: “We knew that it would come down to a key moment and the penalty decided the game today. We tried everything and gave it our all but they made it difficult for us to play our game. I would say that it was a lucky victory. For most of the game it was a great atmosphere, which is what we expected and were looking forward to. It makes the ending all the more bitter for us; we’re really disappointed.”

Maximilian Mittelstädt: “Fireworks should never been shot into the pitch in a football match. However, that had nothing to do with how we played. Union put us under pressure right from the start and didn’t allow to us to play like we have done over the past few weeks. Especially in the first half, we failed to gather any momentum and were often outnumbered on the pitch. We played better in the second half, which makes it all the more disappointing that we gave away the penalty and went on to lose the game.”

Marius Wolf: "Of course I don’t feel good. We deserved to lose in the end. We knew what to expect, the atmosphere isn’t an excuse. We were a few degrees below what we needed to be at, we need to play better."

Niklas Stark: “This defeat hurts. We knew that it would be a difficult game and that it was an important fixture for the club and city. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a favourable result. It felt like a 0-0 out there. We lost because of one moment, but we get to play them again. For the penalty, both commit at speed, the opponent shoots. For me it’s not a clear penalty, it’s a disputable decision. We distance ourselves from the missiles that were thrown inside the stadium. There are children here, that’s not on. It’s simply not on, and I think I speak for the whole team there. As a player you try to switch it off, even if it can be a little distracting. Flares are also not okay but throwing missiles into other blocks where there are kids, you have to distance yourself from that."

Dedryck Boyata: I said to the referee that, as a defender, it’s difficult in scenarios like that to get out of the way after they’ve taken their shot. I’m not trying to make contact with him, just block the shot. Of course it’s difficult for the referee. I just wanted to make it clear to him that my intention was never to make contact. Once he’d taken his shot, his foot comes down and makes contact with me. There’s nothing we can do about it now though. It was an important game for this city. I said ahead of the match that I’m really happy to be part of this moment in history, but I couldn’t enjoy it because of the result. We now have to keep working hard for the challenges ahead. There’s a long time to go until we meet Union again. We have to focus on ourselves and get back to our form of recent weeks.

Michael Preetz: We didn’t play well, particularly in the first half. We improved after the break, but never reached a decent level. It was actually your typical 0-0, but we managed to end up losing. I didn’t think it was a penalty. Christian Gentner skies his shot and then he gets the contact from Boyata. The referee decided to give it, which hurts, but that’s not the reason behind our defeat. Nevertheless, the penalty kind of rounded off the evening for us. It was one to forget.

Teams, 02.11.2019