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Back at school

On Tuesday (21/05/19), some Herthaner visited the ‘Twin Cities German Immersion School’ in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The students of the ‘Twin Cities German Immersion School’ started their day on Tuesday morning with Marvin Plattenhardt and Pascal Köpke entering their classroom. It’s understandable that the children were happier to bombard the footballer’s from Germany with questions rather than learn mathematics. What importance does football have in Berlin, how do you become a footballer and how did they find school – these were the main questions asked. “For us it was a cool experience. It was fun to chat to the kids,” said Plattenhardt. Köpke said: “We learnt about the city and the people.” It wasn’t only the students however that had questions prepared, as the Herthaner also had some questions up their sleeves.

There was no language barrier as the students all study and speak German at the Twin Cities Immersion School but if there were ever any problems in German, Per Skjelbred, Karim Rekik and Co. were able to simply converse in English. “We are the biggest German speaking school in North America with 600 students,” explained the head master Ted Anderson, who also invited the players to observe the art, music and sports classes.

Football in the afternoon

After lunch the students and footballer took to the sports fields: shooting practice against Marius Gersbeck and Dennis Smarsch, passing exercises with Fabian Lustenberger or sprints with Lukas Klünter – and of course a training game at the end. The pupils showed that they can take on the Hertha players not only in the classroom but also on the school playing fields, with football and basketballs flying through the air. “We are happy that Hertha took time out to see us. It was a very special day for the students,” said a happy Anderson, shortly before the Herthaner left the school. Of course before the players left, they signed autographs and took pictures with the children.

A quick look into future plans: Hertha BSC will play a friendly against Minnesota United FC on Wednesday (19:00 CST). The Blue-Whites will be the first international guests in the newly built stadium and the students and teachers from the Twin Cities Immersion School will be there to support the ‘Old Lady’!

Teams, 22.05.2019