Matchday Tickets

Due to the current situation there is no ticket sale. We'll keep you up to date!


As of now, Hertha BSC offers their fans the chance to secure matchday tickets at discount prices when they go on sale, as when tickets are first available, they’re guaranteed to be at their cheapest price.

Important: All standard reductions (school children, students, pensioners, members, etc.) remain valid. Fans can only save more with a season ticket – the cheapest way of seeing home games.

FAQ on the pricing system:

Which games and blocks does the new pricing model affect? Our matchday ticket prices vary from game to game and affect almost all blocks.

What about the price of my season ticket? Season-tickets prices remain the same and are always the cheapest way of seeing each game.

How do I get the school children, student, pensioner etc. reductions? Reductions will still be granted and are available at the Hertha BSC fan shops, the service hotline and in the online shop (expect for member offers). The correct proof to obtain these reductions is of course necessary.

How is it decided whether or not the ticket price is adjusted? This depends on the level of bookings. The goal is to use the stadium to its full capacity and therefore create a better atmosphere at games which are less in demand.

How do I find out about the current lowest prices? You can always find the cheapest prices in our online shop.

Will ticket prices increase with the new price model? No, we’d like to continue to offer our fans the lowest possible prices. Therefore, ticket prices for less in demand games will only be reduced for people who book early. If you buy online early, you’ll secure not only the best seats, but also the cheapest tickets. The earlier you buy, the cheaper it is!

Matchday tickets, 20.03.2020